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An: <>; "Beatrice Buchholz" <>; "Michael Buchholz" <>
Datum: 04. Jun 2009 12:10

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> Good afternoon, Cousin Klaus!
> If you have time, I hope that you will be able to email me individual fotos and brief biographies of Buchholzes for display at our upcoming reunion in Geneva. You, Angela, Loli, Sabine, and Michael tough guy. Also fotos of your father and grandfathers Richard, Wilhelm and Heinrich, and any others, too, if you like. The more, the better!
> Chris and I would like to fill two large bulletin boards with fotos and information (ages, employment, hobbies, pets, place of residence, etc.).
> This is an exciting project, and will be very thrilling to your relatives at the reunion!
> Many thanks, Cousin Klaus!!
> Cousin John
> Attached fotos: Barrie's painting of me; our old cabin on Lot 19 

Hi Cousin old cowboy John beechwood!  We all are heroes!  especially you with your exciting stories of your interesting life!

To be with the great Roy Rogers!  That is it!

Also the life of my father Kurt Buchholz: 

Born in Kolmar in Posen/Warthegau, now Chodziez in Large Poland,  on 1917, Mart 17.

His father was all time in WW1, see foto, wounded for dead in 1924. 5 years in bed with a open lung by gas.

My father was now the father of the family with 2 younger brothers Paul born 1910 and Herbert born 1914 and mother Martha Buchholz born Lüdtke.

He was helping his mother in her market place with underclosing for woman, in the morning and eve driving the stand by 
foot from Andreasstreet to Boxhagener square in Berlin.

They were moving to Berlin with the last train under shooting of Polish armed men freeing Poland after WW1.

In Berlin my father Kurt Buchholz learned car repairing, was taxi driver, preparing automats of electronic Lorenz Corp. a
USA factory! Get no bombs in WW2 !

After WW2 Kurt Buchholz organised dividing land of the large farms to the farmworkers in Fredersdorf 20 km off Berlin and

therefore have to be a farmer too. 5 years and than, after divorce by my mother, he married a daughter of a pub and had 20
years beloved restaurants in Vogelsdorf and Berlin-Adlershof. He was a friendly, sociable and funny man.

He died in age 80 after illness and with the opinion, that he couldn´t do anything along and have to make place for the younger people!

Thats a very short story, take it or improve it like you will, next my mother? I am very proud to be in reunion of Yankee-Buchholz.

Greeting over the pond from cowboy and cousin Klaus the beech. Also to Rolly of course!
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