Betreff: Michael Buchholz for reunion of our Buchholz relatives in USA
Von: "Klaus Buchholz" <>
An: "Johnbrother Buchholz" <>; "Beatrice Buchholz" <>; "Michael Buchholz" <>; "Vroni Buchholz" <>
Datum: 04. Jun 2009 18:21

Hi John, our son Michael Buchholz born 1981, December 31 in Berlin is student of optician by Zeiss in Jena/Germany.

His mother was resposible for many little animals which couldnīt stay with the other animals of the Tierpark Berlin in
Berlin-Friedrichsfelde/Germany. We lived in the park.

Michael likes modern music and to do sports: Fudokan, climbing, table tennis, diving, surfing, billiard, wakeboarding, snowboarding etc.

And he was travelling to many wonderful destinations: alps, Czech, Italia and France for snowboarding. Diving in the Red


Florida, 3 month working in Pollaceīs Resort in Catskill NY USA, Sightseeing by bus of NY to San Diego, by car of San Diego to Frisco,
one year working and rounding Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand as backpacker!

I donīt know anybody, who saw so much like Michael in 27 years!  This is the new generation!  Distances and fear are nothing!

That gives hope for future for your cousin Klaus the little beech. Micha has 198 cm = 78 inches.  So long cowboy John!

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